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Friday, April 24, 2009

Gossip Girl

WTF, Jennifer... WTF!!!!

I wish I was saying what the heck..but I wasn't. I had just picked up my daughter from school, who announced she hadn't had the best of days.

So, I prompted, what happened?

"Well, this one boy said I'd given a blow job to my old b-friend (I hadn't), and this other boy is spreading the rumor that I want to sleep with him (I don't),and this other girl is still saying I have bad teeth, but that's losing steam. Typical gossip in high school."

That's where I started my rant, having visions of tracking down blow-job boy, who'd made this announcement in front of a parent I know, and slamming his head against the wall until he passed out.

"Mom, calm down," she said. Insert eye roll here. "This boy sez everyone's giving everyone blow jobs, so no one pays attention to him, and (the ex b-friend) denied it. As for G. he says every girl wants to sleep with him, so no one listens to him either. And as for my teeth, all they have to do is look at 'em."


"Didn't they gossip in your school..this will blow over by tomorrow and move on to someone else," she said sagely.

And by the next day, it had to some other poor soul.

In my day (yes 30 years ago), yes we did gossip, tho I can't remember blow jobs coming up in the conversation. In truth, I'm not sure I heard the term until college. We were just wondering which cheerleader was sleeping with which jock. I think we still used the terms 1st, 2nd and 3rd base.

And I was lower down the food chain than my daughter is. No one took much notice of this skinny girl from South Everett. Thankfully.

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