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Thursday, April 16, 2009

PDA and dealing with ex's new girlfriend

Around and around the parking lot we turned, practicing parallel parking and backing around corners (no idea why Jennifer needs to know this) for her driver's ed test this week (she passed). Barely.

Every time we turned the corner at Scene Hill Elementary, we lit up a couple leaning against their car, smooching.

"Bleech," says J., while trying to keep the car from going over the curb.

"I never realized how that looked when I was kissing d. at driver's ed," she grumbled. "PDA's are gross."

PDA? personal assistant? No, trying public displays of affection.

And there is apparently quite a bit of it going on between her ex, D, and his new girlfriend (not the cheerleader, with whom she is friends with now), but another girl, and cheerleader. Their PDAs are at school and apparently all over their MySpace pages.

And just today, J. gave me a "bitch alert" Apparently girlfriend #3 with ex, is spreading rumors that J has ugly teeth (her teeth are in fact toothpaste commercial straight).

"Honey, I would just say she's insecure and don't engage," I sighed as we pulled away from Auburn High School.

But if ex brings gf to the lunch table, you might want to show everyone your teeth.

She'll know she's been busted.

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