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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Last minute requests

As of now, I've decided they are going to cost my darling daughter.

First it was, at 7:10 am in the morning yesterday "in health class, they want us to bring a snack in for extra credit, and I need the extra credit....could we stop by the store."

I couldn't believe it. She couldn't have mentioned this when I dropped her off at b-ball practice or her father picked her up and they were within spitting distance of a top food.

I told her no. She grumped and went back into the bathroom to continue to primp.

As I get to work, I look down and see a text.

7:58 am. Moommmmy! I don't have any lunch $$. Could you please bring some up.

I called the hubby and vented. He told me to calm down and tried to broach the subject of picking up said healthy snack while I was at it.

I told him no. Hung up.

So for an hour, I ran up the freeway and back down. Time I had planned to write. But even tho i was tempted, I couldn't let the little darl'n starve.

But next time this last minute stuff occurs, I explained to her after I calmed down, it will cost you this.

Your texting privileges are revoked for the following evening. Not even for homework. You'll have to use the landline. And don't even try to tell me you have to talk to your boyfriend for an hour about homework.

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