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Monday, June 29, 2009

You so owe me

That was in the glare as Jennifer and I are standing in the lobby at St. Joe's today.

I can't stop snickering. I'm holding a bag that contains a plastic bedpan, a jar with a hazardous waste symbol on it, and blue liquid, and a little scoop for poo. J's in this case. This is what she needs to conduct a fecal matter sample to confirm whether she has pin worms or not. Now she self-diagnosed on WebMD and the doc just gave her the pills (2) to clear out her system. So the sample the nurse said to take in on her own (sitting in a Target bag at her feet) was not needed after all.

But then her doc filled out a lab sheet and said, might as well walk 'em over and have them test it. When I handed the target bag to the clinic manager, she looked askance and asked me how fresh it was. At this time, I notice my daughter is edging farther and farther away from em. Thanks, leave me with your s*(&^&.

When I told her Jennifer had collected the sample last night, the techs said nope, has to be in their container, fresh, - as in same day - and collected their way.

It was at this point I started to giggle. There was NO WAY J was doing this again. So we collected the pills, and dumped the bag on the way out.

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