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Friday, June 26, 2009

Mourning the loss of icons, who died again?

That was sort of the conversation Jennifer and I had yesterday as I arrived home to learn that - no her b-ball game started at 6 pm, not 5 pm, so there was no need to scream up the freeway like I did and that Michael J. had died.

Now, she knew who Michael Jackson was, and only the weird MJ we've all had to suffer watching the last 15 years or so, as his face and antics have gotten stranger and stranger. We listened to his music and even she was surprised at how talented he was. And how many of the artists she listened to on 106.1 had copied his style and antics on stage.

Farrah, well, she new about her too. And laughed when I told her about how I cut off my locks at 12 to look like her (and could never get my hair to look like those famous curls).

Ed McMahon, she had no idea.

But she did know about Walter Cronkite, who is very ill right now.

I feel like I'm watching all the icons of my childhood, or about J's age 30 years ago, die around me.

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