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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Shine to s*&) in ten minutes

I had a bouncy daughter appear from her last day at school, carrying her b-friends lit book, to return for him so he could catch his bus (I frown at this), but her choice.

Then 10 minutes later, she returns sans book and without her happy glow. Apparently in this time, her b-friend has somehow dissed her and she's seen 3 of her closest friends, with sleeping bags getting into a car to go to an overnighter at a lakehouse. J. was not invited.

I didn't have much to say about that, and warned her father to STAY OUT OF IT.

"Look Gary, what exactly our are options here. We ask her about it, she won't want to talk. We can't ask the friends about why they excluded her obviously, and I WON'T ask the mom's which is just as bad. And NO she wont' be going to practice today because the house she was going to go home to after practice is the abode of one of the girls. Socially, it just won't work."

The look he give me tells me he doesn't get it. But he knows by now to follow my lead.

This morning he asked me if we'd had any update on the overnight not invited event. I told him no, and we'll probably never know. Girls just are like that.

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