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Sunday, June 21, 2009

One more follow up

I think she's really understood what I said about the last post (at this point, still too grumpy to admit it). Next year will tell. At this point, either the ethics or honorable conduct you've tried to drill in for the last 16 years will stick...or not.

I replayed in my mind the times, if any, I've cheated- or it could be construed as such in her mind. It was one of the things she threw at me during our fight. "YOU can't tell me you never did or planned to do anything."

Well, true, it has crossed my mind to plant weeds in the picky, nasty neighbors lawn. Or when my dog bit another, to give another phone # beside my real one. J. knows this. BUT I didn't actually do it.

Still replaying the tapes.

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