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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

OK mom's a news junkie

And as it's turning out, a twitter junkie-following the iran election and the resulting protests afterward.

Time and time again, I kept turning to Jennifer, saying -come look at this, come read this - as brave protesters stood their ground in the face of police with clubs, rubber bullets and sometimes real ones. And fists. Even Jennifer winced as a woman was beaten by police. Apparently one of the main sources of the protesters to the outside world (since the journos have been kicked out) is cell phones, YouTube and twitter. Even the state department is asking twitter to not shut down for maintenance later today.

Then, my daughter, somewhat annoyed I've dragged her away from texting with her b-friend, wandered into the back room-probably for privacy. Probably so it would be more difficult for mom to come and grab her "come look at this."

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