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Monday, January 25, 2010

Boys are stupid, Part XX

Jennifer had been fuming around the house of late, and so I took a deep breath and asked her what was bothering her - always an iffy task with a 16 year old.

"," she fumed as she furiously slammed something into her phone text pad.

"I mean, you tell them you don't want to talk to them, and what do they do, THEY DON'T TALK OR TEXT YOU!" she said, almost shouting by now. Her dad takes a quick peek from the TV room, assesses the situation and then ducks out of sight.

"ANYONE, I MEAN ANYONE WITH BRAINS, would ask you what was wrong and try to fix it," she said, calming down a bit now.

She and her sometimes b-friend Leif had been texting...or not... most of the day. He hadn't texted her for a day, and then texted back, after she asked him where he was all day, that he was too busy to text and not to get her panties in a bunch about it.

Not a very wise move, especially when you've texted said girl's best friend during the same time you were supposedly too busy to text.

Guys never seem to get that girls talk.

"And it just doesn't get me about the texting and talking. They don't show their emotions, they dont' realize that it doesn't take much to patch things up, a word or a flower and they never can admit their wrong."

Well, says I, I'm not sure how much of that is going to get better as they grow older. Some, but not all.

But texting your BF when he doesn't text you, yeah, stupid.

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