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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Finals over, but now we have a cold

I've taken the virtual finals this week for Chemistry 102, AP Lit, Trig, French 202, and History. And I think I've gotten As all around. My 4.0 is intact.

Oh wait, it was my daughter's finals that I've been stressing about all week. We've been up to midnight studying for these exams, and unfortunately, I know enough about all these subjects to be helpful, while Gary can go to bed with a clear concious. Well, forget about Trig; I've forgotten those formulas long ago, but the rest, yes. Nez pas?

Anyway, we promised ourselves that we'd sleep in until we got up, watch our favorite cooking show and only make a half-hearted attempt to clean house (although Gary's forgetting that promise), but it looks like Jennifer may now make us keep it, as she's sick with a cold- probably from all the stress.

So instead of grilling her on French questions and proofing her essays, now I'm ladeling OJ down her throat.

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