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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Losties unite! And my hubby ain't in the club

Jennifer and I were gleefully reading up on the upcoming , and last season of Lost, when a promo comes on the TV for our said favorite show.

"I don't know," says hubby. "This show has gone off the rails and it's just turned too weird."

"Just turned too weird? Heck inthe first episode they had the others, a smoke monster and a polar bear on a tropical isle. What part has gotten weirder than that? And besides you don't watch it can't do that with this show," says I.

"When I do watch I can't understand it," he shoots back, not realizing that Jennifer and I aren't going to let him win this.

"When you watch it," Jennifer jumps in. "You can't do that with this show. You have to watch it get out."

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