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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Gilly Hicks eye candy

The profit margin of the Gilly Hicks at the SouthCenter Mall probably went through the roof today.

Jennifer and I were returning my $14 underwear (they were supposed to be on the $1.90 special) when J looked up and whistled. Aside from the usual cute girl welcoming us to "Gilly Hicks, the cheeky cousin of Hollister" was a ripped 18-year-old man, with tight jeans and no shirt. Six pack abs, the rippling biceps, the works. He welcomed us too.

I started to drool. When I suggested I could take J's pic with him, she looked at me like I'd just suggested she run naked through the mall. Then I suggested she could take my picture with him, and I achieved the same result.

But the girl pack she hangs with had already broadcast the alert. She texted her best friend, Ashley, who had already heard about the eye candy guy from Hailey, who was in the store with her mom. We could never find them, since, if you've been in Gilly's you know it's a maze.

We exchanged the undies, and on the way out, he flashed us a grin and rippled his arms. A couple of girls who had casually looked over did a hard double take. Then they headed into the store. Ka ching.

1 comment:

Barbara Clements said...

Alas, apparently the eye candy was a one-day deal. Only one other of Jennifer's friends saw him, and no one thought to take a pic...well, except me.