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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mom, I just have to have these boots!

Boots - $40, marked down from $80 she pointed out. Think of all the $$ we're saving!

And that PacSun shirt, marked down to $19.99 from $30, wow, we've saved almost $50 already. Oh and that $7 charm marked down from $30 at Target, how can you say "no" to that.

Well, I did and I am.

Every payday, my family likes to go on splurges, out to dinner, movies and Jennifer likes to buy much stuff as she can get away with. Unf. we pay for this by borrowing out of savings when the payday is still a few days away and the bank account is beginning to look awful thin.

I've had these lectures with both the kid and the hubby, since I run the accounts, that we have to monitor ourselves so this doesn't happen all the time. We'll NEVER get a holy shit fund built up, much less a car for Jennifer fund if we're constantly borrowing from it to buy all this shit.

They look appropriately downcast when I give them this 2x a month lecture, but then they always seem to find ways to buy the stuff anyway. So yes we have the $40 boots, the $19.99 top and the $7 charm now. And Gary bought $50 plus worth of orchids (but we'd planned for that) and yes I bought $30 worth of books and stuff for moi. But now the boots don't fit, (so I was dumpster diving for the receipt to take them back) and I think she's already lost the charm. And I'm almost through my book.

And it looks like we'll be having to borrow again this month out of the car account. The 29th seems like an awful long way off on the calendar.

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Barbara Clements said...

We just took the boots back today. Chewed into her feet. So she got $20 for lunch and hubby got the other. As usual, it's 4 days to pd and we're on fumes again.