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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Boys suck, Part XXI

A tearful call about 4 pm.

"Mom, could you come get me, I've had an awful day."

Turns out, BF Lief dumped her. For about the 3rd time (I've lost count).

At any rate, she was moping, texting and studying in the bathroom (sez that's the place that she can think) for the rest of the evening.

About 10 pm, I was finishing up reading when I heard a small sniffle from the hall. So I decided to do the mom thing and see what was going on, wherein, she started sobbing in the bathroom.

"I just don't know why this always happens to me," she wailed.

Well, it happens to every girl, but when it happens to you, it feels like you're walking around with a big "dumped" sign flashing over your head.

And guys are intimidated by her - her strong personality and good looks make for a fierce combo. So sometimes I just think they dump before she gets tired of them.

But last night, laying on the spare room bed (where I had retreated when Gary snored me out of the bedroom again), with the cat kneeding at her feet, she cried, talked railed against guys and listened. This went on for about an hour, but I figured, how often does she turn to me? All her friends she usually would have cried with were asleep already.

And it didn't help when dad, frustrated his daughter was upsent, threatened to ground her if she texted this idiot again. Um, not the best move right this very minute dad.

Anyway, the day (night?) finally lightened when a former b-friend caught wind through text-ville that Jennifer was available again. He texted this morning. Things are brighter now.

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