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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wash that (*& dish...please

My hubby and i don't agree on chores.

I think regardless of homework, unless it's finals time, she should clean up the dishes, all the dishes, w/o help. And clean up her room and bathroom every week. And pick up her darn clothes every day, instead of leaving them piled in her room, or in the the middle of the bathroom floor.

But I'm really a stickler on the dishes. Probably because I did the dishes when I was a kid and I don't remember my parents ever giving me an excuse to get out of that, unless I was sick and flat on my back. I also mowed the lawn, cleaned out the catbox, cleaned my room and weeded the garden (s) as a matter or course. And also worked at Taco Time after school.

I know Gary did the same drill.

However, with Jennifer, he's a softy, and will often do the dishes for her every night. I'm more stubborn, as 2 pots and pans that are in the sink now attest to.

she says she'll do them, but she never does. Gary says its more important for him to have her get her homework done, or ahead on her homework than get those dishes done. I agree, it is more important, BUT when I know she spent a half hour on her nails last night (she came and showed them to me) and the dishes still didn't get done...well, you see my point.

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