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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Back to the portal of hell

One look as she walked in the door at the Kent DOL and I knew the answer. She didn't pass. So we'll try again on the 20th.

But as to why she didn't pass, that still leaves me fuming. Apparently she didn't slow down to a complete stop in a right hand turn lane before turning right. It was a 1 mph turn, but still, it counted as "going through a red light," in his book -literally, that's what he wrote down. Yes, the light was red, but then dock her, don't simply fail her! Or if you must fail her, don't be rude about it,please.

That was the real burn for me. The tester was rude on the way back and shouted at her when she had trouble parking the car. So, if said grumpy guy walks out next Saturday, I'm asking for another instructor. If they won't accommodate me, we're going to another site.


So to cheer her up, we went shopping at Target, bought her fav. roast chicken dish and watched Zombieland. Nothing quite cheers the heart as a good zombie movie.

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