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Monday, March 15, 2010

Yep, they're an item. Now he wants to go to church with her

And debate religion.

Jennifer announced to me this weekend, a fact I'd already surmised, yes, she and Adam are now an item.

Which I good. I like the guy. And he's a Christian and goes to church regularly. All good, except he wants to talk religion with my I'm-not-sure-what-I-want-to-be daughter and keeps asking her if she's accepted Jesus Christ into her life yet.

Poor boy, he doesn't realize he's just stepped in it.

Jennifer hasn't regularly attended church with me since...maybe she was nine?

Then it ratcheted down to once and awhile and then...well, on Mother's Day as her gift to me.

She asked me the other day if I'd mind if she became a practicing Hindu. Ah, well no, not really any complaints here. And then she let loose with the whole Adam conversation.

Adam goes to a pretty conservative church in Burien. Its red haired minister sports a helicopter. Ahem. And basically Adam believes that if you're not a church-going I have professed my faith Christian, you're going to hell. Which, of course, makes every hair raise along the back of my give-em-hell daughter.

"Listen, I advised, you go to his church, that should be an experience... and he goes to ours, OK, mine, (a gentle presby church), and then discuss it. Heck, I'll even drop you off at a breakfast spot where you can hash this out. Then drop it."

Both sides have agreed to do this. We'll see if this actually occurs and just how long this relationship lasts. Might have been better to remain friends. Then I think Adam would have been less inclined to convert her.

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