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Monday, March 1, 2010

Not meningitis

The doc. at St Joe's in Tacoma almost scoffed when I asked him directly if Jennifer might have meningitis, bacteria (not good) or viral (better).

No, I think she has a sinus infection, says he. And the nurse was sympathetic, but gave me a look that seemed to ask why I felt the need to drag my daughter out of bed when she should be at home. Ok, fine, neurotic mom.

But when she went to bed with a screaming headache last night, and woke up with said headache and a high temp (even without drugs it was 101.7 at the doc's office), oh, and a sore neck, that was a default position.

So called work, rescheduled all appointments to tomorrow.

Wait on the phone to get an appointment for about 15 minutes. Make the mistake of hanging up, so I'm on the phone for another 10.

From noon on waited in docs office, with daughter sleeping in my lap (I know she was feeling bad when she didn't fiddle with the radio channel on the way down to Tacoma) and spent another 20 minutes waiting for drugs.

Stop by her fav. coffee store.

She starts fiddling with the radio. I know she's feeling a little better now.

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