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Friday, March 19, 2010

Catching History While You Can

Last night, Jennifer decided that she wanted to attend PLU's Holocaust Conference with me this am. And as my hubby and I mulled it over, it was with regret that we decided not this year.

She was sick for 3 days 2 weeks ago, and is still making up the homework and tests (for the first time, she had to explain why she had a C on her progress report). And her first period teacher has decided for some reason, she's not very fond of Jennifer, so if she missed work, she's very iffy about letting Jennifer make it up. And since this class is Chemistry II, not aerobic walking, I really hate for her to miss, or be late for the class.

However, next year, Jennifer's coming to this event. The first-person eyewitnesses to the Holocaust are going to be gone within a half a generation, and I think it's important for Jennifer to hear their stories. Just watching Schindler's List doesn't quite cut it (although she does like the movie).

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