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Sunday, March 7, 2010


My husband couldn't quite believe his eyes, or ears, as his producers discussed an upcoming story about a Bellevue business that will pick lice out of your child's hair, or your own, for you.

The three, with young children, and calling zip codes like Mercer Island or Bellevue home, were horrified that any parent would be so negligent to allow a louse into their child's hair. Well, we both laughed. They'll soon find out that lice, who have kicked around this world for 30 million years or more, actually prefer clean digs. We found that out the hard way when J went through not one, but several lice infestations she caught from a. daycare and b. when she tried on a hat at The Bon one day.

Our entire house smelled like tea tree oil for weeks, as we washed the bedding, wiped down the counters and sprayed the couches and cars. And each other. The little buggers hopped to our heads too.

So, we're going to wait. We know what's coming.

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