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Friday, March 5, 2010

What's it going to take for you to stay in school?

That apparently was the talk J's Chemistry teacher was trying to have with her Thursday, her first day back after battling a 102 degree temp. and a sinus infection for four days.

Jennifer called me at 8:30 am that morn (I was going into work late)and I could tell she was crying.

"What's us," says I, wondering how thing could have gone so wrong in the first half-hour of the school day.

Apparently the Chemistry teacher, who has a rep for being a little PMSy, took Jennifer aside, asked her about the absences and all the times she'd been gone during the year.

"All the times?"

Opening up her class calendar page, she pointed out where Jennifer had been absent 36 days since September.

I personally was speechless, and I knew she hadn't been gone that long or that much. But then the truth came out. Each time she missed an entire day, that counts as 6 absences (one per class) and each time she was late to first period (yes, I know, some of that is my bad for letting us stop by Starbucks first) that too was counted as a full absence in her book.

"But you're getting an A in her class," I sputtered.

SHe told the same tale to her dad, who promptly (after I proofed it) shot of an e-mail to said teacher saying in essence - look, our daughter is a straight A student who happens to love science..what's up? Let's talk.

We got a short reply back saying that Jennifer didn't seem to want to do the catch up homework, which again seemed in error, as she brought it home last night.

To be continued....

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