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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Scholarship chase

Why do I feel that I'm already behind in paying for my daughter's college education.

When she was born, 16 years ago, we did set up a bank acccount and started throwing $100 a month in a stock fund. And I'm now working at PLU, which means she'll get almost an 80 percent discount on tuition at this school and other affiliate colleges.

But after attending a 2-hour "How to get into college and find those scholarships" seminar at Auburn Senior High School last night, I already feel behind.

So, this weekend, we're checking out the websites, we're looking at a few books and the hunt begins. Oh, and that leadership conference we were considering -- nada. I was told it's just an expensive summer camp. Focus on community service (for which she needs wheels and those scholarships)

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