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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Can we feel better for less money?

I guess J had been fighting with her b-friend all day.

And for some reason, she insisted on going to buy a jacket she wanted.

When I asked how much it was..silence. Not a good sign.

"$40," she said.

"It better be a really fine jacket," I said.

When we got to the store at the Auburn Supermall, it wasn't a jacket, it was a hooded sweatshirt and a thin one at that. And it was $45 With tax, would have almost been $50.

So, the answer was no. Pout. Then tears.

"Jennifer, look at this, it's thin material and it's a hoody with a peace sign on it...comm'on."

I'd be willing to pitch in, she offered.

Since I hadn't paid her an allowance in awhile, since she hadn't been doing her chores, I wasn't sure what amount she might have. $16

OK,give me that, and you'll have yourself a hoody.

"But I wanted to spend that money on Adam," says she.

"Well, you have a choice to make, either this overpriced hoody or a gift for your b-friend, who you've been bickering with all day...your choice."

Silence. Pout. At the end, no gift for adam, no hoodie either.

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