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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

No more visits to the DOL

She passed.

The minute she got out of the car with the obviously nice tester (he had a good vibe them minute we met him in the Renton DOL parking lot) I could tell she'd passed. They were joking with each other, rather than walking stiffly away or grabbing for handkerchiefs.

However, when we first pulled into the parking lot, we had our doubts.

"Mom, we could get mugged in this lot before we even reach the door," Jennifer said.

Was inclined to agree, but since we weren't switching this appointment,so be it.

Now the wait, first for the driver, then the test (all of 15 minutes, tho it seemed longer) and then a 2 hour wait for a picture for a driver's license (one last torture from DOL) and out we go.

"Now, I have my license, I need a car," J grinned.

Yeah, well, not quite yet. First we have to figure out how to pay for insurance.

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