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Monday, April 19, 2010

What do you mean journalists don't lie

Somehow lying came up on the way home.

Adam, Jennifer's b-friend, took one for the team, when he told his mom that he has spent the night at a friend's house, not realizing that said mom would check. He didn't, he was on our couch again because both friends had bailed on him at the last minute, and his mom and dad were out of town. Or at least that's the story we got.

Anyway, when Adam's mom found out he was not at friend #1 house, he lied again and told her he was at friend #2 house, and went out partying instead. For some reason she didn't check and just grounded him.

So for now, we're not scum and she continues to think that Jennifer is wonderful. However, I told Jennifer that I would not lie to her if asked a direct question. I'm a lousy liar.

"What do you mean, I thought you did that as part of your job?"

"What, lie?'

"Yeah, I thought journalists lied all the time."

"Bluff, yes, Lie no. Don't believe the Glenn Becks of this world darl'n"

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