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Monday, April 5, 2010

Portal of Hell, The Final Chapter

Well, at least I hope so.

Tomorrow, J and I are racing up to mom's, getting her automatic civic, coming back down to practice and showing up at the DOL's Renton office with the hopes of three times will be a charm. It worked on the written, so why not with the driving portion?

And hopefully, we won't get a Nazi for a driving instructor.

At least Jennifer knows she's not alone, thanks to the support of my helpful friends and their own "autofail" stories.

The examples so far include:

Turning the windshield wipers on and off too many times.

Bumping up against the corner on the backing-around-the-corner part of the test.

Failing before getting out the parking lot of the DOL. (no explaination on what this was about)

Going too slowly.

Going too fast.

But I think the all-time autofail came from my friend Steve, who was done with his test, and parked the car via parallel parking perfectly, and then when pulling out, took the back bumper off the car in front of him. Didn't help that the car belonged to the instructor.

You guessed it: autofail. And ahem, could I see your insurance card again?

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