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Thursday, April 15, 2010

On again, off again

Jennifer has broken up with her boyfriend again, the second, or is it the third, time in 2 months.

I try to be sympathetic to their bickering, and separate real issues from the drama queen ones, but it's hard. Mostly, I try to stay out of it, since you never know when they are going to get back together again, and you'll regret all those nasty things you said trying to be supportive.

I guess one reason I hope they don't get back together is in the last argument, when Jennifer started walking away in a huff, he grabbed her by the arm. She says she wasn't hurt, and it wasn't hard, but that still gives me pause. There's grabbing by the arm, and then there's grabbing by the arm.j

1 comment:

Retro Girl said...

Hope that grab isn't an indication of things to come, if they get back together. Hmmm. Good luck!