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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pass by a gay guy

Adam, Jennifer's b-friend, is getting into shape for wrestling again, and he's busy bragging about his body to her, so much so, that she's tired of it. But others a noticing too, as a gay guy at school came up and asked Adam out. He declined.

Maybe grabbing A's butt was not the best way to say hello.

However, J was having others do double takes at her today. At Starbucks in Kent, I was busy talking with a friend, and Jennifer was doing her homework at the another table. One guy walked by and looked at her. Fine, she's a pretty girl.

But then he walked by 2-3 more times, giving her the "look" each time. One more time by MY table and he was going to get a iced latte poured over his head to cool him off.

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