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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

For once, stay out of it

I couldn't believe I was giving this bit of advice to my daughter, given how nosey reporters are, but true enough, I told her to leave this one alone.

To back up, her b-friend had been on a bus ride home, when the best-friend of her ex best-friend fell asleep and left her cell phone unattended. So Jennifer's boyfriend started looking at her text messages (I mean, the phone flipped open in front of him after all).

He discovered that this girl had been making out with the ex-boyfriend (recently dumped) of Jennifer's ex-best girlfriend (still following me). So, should she tell the now secondary girlfriend of the treachery?

"Really, Jennifer, there's no way you can come out looking good in this. Stay out of it. A. is no longer your best friend. She's no longer dating this guy. And yes, the current bff is making out with A. ex-boyfriend, but that is their trouble now."

"That's what Adam said."

"Well, for once you should listen to him."

Okaaay. We'll see if she sticks to her non interference agreement.


Retro Girl said...

Ok my head is
and I am counting...I have probably 12 maybe 13 years tops until my son starts getting involved in this kidnda!

University said...
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Barbara Clements said...

Well, the X*&^ hit the fan, when in fact, the ex-best friend and her current best-friend were outed at school. And someone blamed Jennifer for first talking about the story. Of course the boyfriend (jennifer's) was out of town at the time,and not there to defend her honor (or take the blame for looking in that damned cell phone).

But he's back now, and threatened anyone who disses his girl friend's word and so it's blown over. I did have to force Jennifer to go to school one day with this advice "Look, you told the truth. You can't hide and you can't miss school. Fuck 'em. And if gets to bad, call me and I'll have a few words."

Life goes on.