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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mom, you'd better not embarass me on the radio

This as we were listening to 93.3 today, Jennifer's favorite rap station, and they were promoting a new iPad,

Jennifer and I both want one badly, but my hubby has declared it a toy, and not worth the $700 asking price.

We still want one.

So, when I hear the song "Money to Blow" I'm supposed to be the ninth caller and get the pad, I think.

"Is it "money for the blow" or "listen to the blow"...and what are we talking here, crack or a blow job, because I'm not sure I want to say that on the radio..."

At this point, she rolls her eyes, and says to forget it, she'll live without the iPad if it means listening to me mangle and stutter over a obnoxious song title on the radio. And besides, I didn't hear the announcer correctly.

"And mom, it's Money to Blow...Money to Blow....get you're mind out of the gutter please. I didn't need to listen to the last part of that comment.

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