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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

An argument that needed to happen

It all started over Gary and I griping at Jennifer for being on her cell phone 24-7, and ended up with - at one point Gary and Jennifer nose to nose yelling at each other, with Jennifer threatening to leave, and Gary snapping back saying "fine go ahead."

Fortunately, neither meant it, and at least Gary apologized. But this fight has been a long time coming. They both are so alike, bull headed and both get their feelings hurt easily. And Jennifer truly hangs on every compliment Gary says (like I did with my dad), and Gary finds it hard to brush off his 16-year-old's rudeness (sort of comes with the territory, but still it hurts).

And then we also started arguing about Adam, and if he didn't get back in school and into a stable abode, she wasn't going to be able to hang out with him any more. That went over well.

In the end, Jennifer and Gary are still under one roof. Jennifer is still allowed to see Adam, at least through this week. And I don't think Jennifer is grounded, tho at one point in the argument, she was.

But I have promised to set her up with a counselor to talk to, who might give her the same advice as mom and dad. But maybe it will seem different NOT coming from one of us.

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