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Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost hangover

OK, both Jennifer and I watch too much TV.

And sometimes that bites us in the butt, as it did this am, when we both dragged ourselves out of bed after watching Lost until early this am.

But unlike other times, when we just watch too much TV and should read a book instead, this time, we planned for it. She at first was going to have me call in sick for her, but changed her mind when she realized that she would have a chance to drive the car to school.

But as we watched first the Lost wrap up, and then the actual Lost (not counting the pilot this weekend, that's coming on 8 hours of Lost) we were glad for the commitment. I think that they ending is good (not as good as MASH) but good nevertheless. I was crying, she was looking sad, a and we'll miss our weird Lost fix every week.

This blog, and it's comments in the NYT, has a pretty good wrap up.

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