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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Watch your back

Not exactly the greeting or goodbye I usually send my daughter off to school with, as she hops out of the car, checks her makeup one last time and makes sure she has her cell phone on her.

This odd farewell for the day came after she got into yet another "she texted, and she texted" fight with another girl. And then a third girl jumped in (who was not close friends with either my daughter or my daughter's friend) to add her two cents. Don't ask me to explain the entire story, because frankly, I lose the thread (texted or otherwise) every time she tells it to me.

Long text short, this girl ended up texting Jennifer that the world would be a better place w/o her and encouraged some of her friends to stalk Jennifer. OK, all of my hubby's (and mine) protective juices just went into overdrive. So on her own, Jennifer when with her boyfriend to the vp of the school, who looked at the texts, which Jennifer saved and promptly suspended the girl for four days. Her parents also were upset and took away her texting plan.

Fine, but when she gets back in school later this week, I've told her b-friend, Adam, to have my daughter's back. He's a wrestler, and while I don't expect him to slap the girl down to the pavement, I consider him deterrent to any ideas this girl may have for revenge.

My hubby also called the vp today, and the vp doesn't think there will be any retaliation. I'm not sure I agree with him

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