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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Jennifer against the ducks

Jennifer called as I was travelling home Friday to say, could I please get her some new jeans and shoes.

She and her boyfriend Adam were down at Mill Creek Park off Scenic Hill, watching two batches of mallard chicks mix and mingle. Until the daddy duck of one batch started trying to drown one of the younger ducks from the other. And the older chicks (probably about a week or two older) followed suit.

So Jennifer, defender of the underdog (or duck) jumped in the pond to help the younger ducks (which still had slashes of yellow on them). They fled in terror from their huge benefactor into a drainage culvert. The mom of of the younger ducks decided to take offense and attack Jennifer. But at least her babies weren't getting picked on anymore. But Jennifer was covered with mud. Adam was trying to keep an eye on the angry mother duck.

Ah, a daughter after my own heart.

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