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Friday, May 14, 2010

Did you know your daughter was dating a runaway?

The Auburn police officer called me up on the phone Tuesday and at first, I almost brushed him off, figuring he was making a pitch for the police guild or some football game.

But no,the first words out of his mouth were the just this question.

I was stunned, so much so that I don't even recall his last name. Now, for the record, I did know that Adam was officially classified as a runaway after walking out on his foster mom after a tiff, but I figured he'd go back, once he cooled off and they'd patch it up. Apparently not this time.

After living a decade with this family, apparently things are at an end, and Adam doesn't want to live there anymore, but with a coach that's agreed to take him in for 2 months while becomes a legally emancipated teen.

Meanwhile, Jennifer, and for that matter, Gary and myself, feel trapped in the middle as Adam continues to war with foster mom, who is evil incarnate if you listen to Adam. Gary and I aren't quite believing it, and are wondering just how much of this is typical rebellious teen angst, and how much is what Adam claims it to be.

Of course my daughter believes every...word...he says, and has concurred that foster mom is a total bitch.

I'm not so sure. But regardless of the real truth, I told the officer, yes, I know and is there any reason that my daughter shouldn't hang out with the guy? Are you going to haul her in too if she does? The answer was no to both.

But I'm hoping that in the end, Adam will end up with adults he trusts. I'm wondering if being an emancipated teen will really be that...freeing to him.

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