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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

R U Your teen's friend?

And I don't mean on Facebook. And the answer to the FB question is probably "no." However, the Washington Post had a great story and commentary on whether parents are getting cooler, and trying to be their teens friends.

Generally, the comments from the writers and the comments on their posts say, "nope, not meant to be their friends. If you go down that slippery slope you're not doing your job."

Totally agree. And as you see by my post just prior to this, Jennifer and I are close. But I'm not her bff. She has one of those and it's a young girl her own age, whom I'm sure hears about what a horrible mother Jennifer has from time to time, from Jennifer herself.

It's not my job to be her friend. Tho it is nice to actually have her want to be around me once and awhile.

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