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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Allowance, or no allowance?

I pay my daughter an allowance. $7.50 a week. But sometimes, when she comes up to me in a charming pout, asking for the moola, I'm tempted to be a hard ass.

Usually she has not cleaned her room, helped me with one dinner during the week, cleaned or bathroom or fed the cats. Okay, forget the cats, but the rest of the stuff, I really want her to do. So I say, do the room, the dinner and your bathroom, and get back to me.

With a huff, she's off, and usually gets two out of three. I'm still working on the dinner. Now when I was 14 (I won't bore you with the 5 miles through the snowdrift stuff) I was cleaning up the dishes every night, mowing the lawn, keeping my room clean and weeding the gardens. I think I was supposed to clean out the catbox as well, but I usually managed to skip that.

So, back to my daughter. Do I withhold the cash? I think the answer is yes. It's just hard to be consistent about the entire affair.

And then there's the scenario when she asks for an advance on her allowance. Then I have visions of her running up a $5,000 credit card balance by the time she's 18. So I usually nix that.

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