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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My eyes get misty...

The did-she-cry, and how tough is she debate continues.

This just in from CJR, and another post from the same news-oriented magazine. Again, it seems my daughter is going to be growing up in the world, where women will have to be both bitchy and sweet (or at least appear to be) to gain respect.

Here is another post from the New York Times on the topic, as well as a well-written opinion piece.

Why did I kid myself to think we were past that?


MommyCheryl said...

I just watched what's being dubbed "the diner sob" again because Steph hadn't seen it. I was struck by: 1. How overblown it has become -- she got misty-eyed at best (worst?) but there was no sob. 2. How genuine she sounded. It wasn't the fact that it was "tearful" it was the fact that for once it didn't sound scripted. And if it was, she's been hiding her talent as an actress. Watched her speech after NH and she's not 1/10th as persuasive as she was in those moments in the diner.

Also thought it was funny -- Obama's "concession" sounded like a hastily rewritten victory speech and Hillary's victory speech sounded like a hastily rewritten concession speech.

Whatever happens, I can't help but think it's a good thing that in the first Presidential Primary Jennifer has probably even noticed, a woman and a black man bested the rich, white man. As Eddie would say, "That's kewl."

Barbara Clements said...

True enough.

And on the other side of the aisle, we could do worse than McCain