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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The big cut tomorrow

Actually, I think that Jennifer will make the team. Not only does she have some natural talent as an athlete, but there are 15 slots. About 18 girls, give or take, turned out - and some just barely.

So I'm hoping for the best, and that she gets on, and I won't have to have Kleenex available at 4:40 pm.

But I think this is a good wake up call for J. Not everything in life is fair. Sometimes someone's opinion of you will influence things, like it or not. And sometimes you get cut, whether it be baskeball, dodgeball or job interviews.

It's never easy for a parent to watch from the sidelines however.


MommyCheryl said...


Barbara Clements said...

AS you can see, she made it. And I think that is good news.