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Friday, January 18, 2008

No Crackers? Well, **&&^%-You.

J. came home a bit bummed yesterday, because one of her friends had up and given away two beardies they've had since last year. At least India (our beardie) may get a bigger cage out of the deal.

Apparently, the friends are now going to get a ferret. Okaay. I know they have a rabbit, last I checked, and then they have a small parrot that lives in one of the rooms.

"Don't they know that ferrets eat birds," I asked, as I'm listening to this on the way to school.

"Yes, yes, they know that. I wish it would eat the bird," J. snapped back.

Having just read about how wonderful parrots are in an animal magazine at the doctor's office (it was about Alex, that grey parrot that was smarter than our current president) I was puzzled by this.

"The bird bites, it pecks at you and it tells you to f-off when you walk in the room," J. said. "It just won't shut up."

Well, maybe the ferret will reduce the noise level then.

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