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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

MySpace tries to appease parents

My daughter still doesn't have a MySpace account, but the social network for teens, mostly, is still trying to clean up its act, according to this story.

We got her unlimited texting instead.


MommyCheryl said...

Good call. I don't know how MySpace could possibly weed out the predatory scum but it's nice that they are trying.

When I worked at the AG's office, Gregoire did a whole thing -- based on tips from a "reformed" predator who was in prison. Anyway, she showed kids -- and parents -- how a predator on a social networking site could take comments and information that seemed totally innocuous and non-identifying and figure out where a kid went to school etc. within a 15 minute "chat."

Adults get caught giving out too much information online -- it's a sure bet kids are going to fall prey.

Barbara Clements said...

Yes, my hubby did the same thing on a story at KOMO. yes, the kids had protection, but by piggy backing on comments made TO the other kid (in this case a girl) the fake predator was able to figure out what she looked like and which school she was at.

When I see some of the pics these girls put up on their site, I wince, and think Gary made a good call, for now.