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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice

And Elliot, Alisha, Serena, Georgia, Sean and Nicole.

I can't remember the rest of the names that Jennifer (was supposed be Elliott, but he flaked on the group organizing bit. I told Jennifer, don't expect it to change 25 years from now).

8 am: At first it was just going to be her and Elliott going to the Auburn Supermall and then the movies. I told Jennifer that sounded an awful lot like a date to me. She glared, and then started dialing (yes, actually using her phone for its original purpose) and texting to round up the troops.

9:30 am: It was going to be Elliot, Jennifer, Serena and maybe Sean. Then Sean had something else to do and Serena refused to be the third wheel. So Serena tried to round up Nicole and Ashley; Elliott worked on Jimmy and kept nagging Sean.

1 pm: Then Nicole called back at 1:15 pm, she couldn't go because she had to spend time with her dad this week. Georgia called back, had pink eye; mom said no.

2 pm: The movie time and mall walk gets pushed to 3:30 pm, and yes, Gary and I can attend the Supermall theaters IF we choose another movie. Fine.

2:07 pm: Sean said, no, he can't go. Elliott calls back and said he has to take his sister (with his family) to the airport, so she's a no show. Jimmy has a ball game to go to.

2:30 pm: So now it's 2:30 pm. It's down to Serena and Jennifer. I say, can't we just postpone until next week?

"Mom, get out of my conversation! You are soo, errha!"

Okay, fine, you and Serena can go to a movie, but it has to be in Kent, and it has to be an earlier showing than 5 pm. And dad and I can go if we want to. At this point, my hubby is getting grumpy over this whole affair, as am I.

More glares. And the eyes start to mist. She stomps off muttering to Serena.

3:12 pm: So end the end, it's The Water Horse at 4:15 pm at the AMC (they were going to go to a scary movie when Elliott was going to be part of the pack. Hmmm.)

And no, we can't go with them.

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