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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Why I Don't Trust Middle School Boys

I find out alot about what's important to my daughter in the 5.2 minutes it takes to get from her BF Nicole's to Top Foods.

She's chattering on when we pops with "middle school boys are sooo stupid and annoying"

Stipulated, but what exactly was she talking about?

Oh, they'd just snatched her cell phone during yearbook and ran into the boys' bathroom, where they knew she wouldn't follow. I gave her an alarmed look and had pictures of boys snapping pictures of themselves on it(can you say Borat?), or running up her minutes.

"Mom, you always think the worst! They didn't do anything!"

Well, of middle school boys, yeah, guilty on that first count.

"But they did change dad's cell phone name from "dad" to "angry Irishman," she added, saying they picked this moniker when she told them how grumpy he got over the movie fiasco this weekend.

Yeah, that's going to go over well. I got just as grumpy and had the privilege of chewing her out about 3pm that day. So I wonder what my new tag name is? Probably starts with a "b" and no, I'm not thinking "barbara"


MommyCheryl said...

This must be the newest courtship ritual...

That said, "angry Irishman" is probably tamer than what it could have been. And I'll be happy if the derogatory tags attached to me on my kids' cells (implanted chips by that time?) aren't their own inventions.

Barbara Clements said...

Very true. I'm sure my tag will contain the B-word at some point.