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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A boy from Auburn High School died last night

Car was going to fast, he may have been high, prob. not wearing a seat belt.

Andrew was known as a partier, apparently. His parents had kicked him out of the house for it. However, when they made the announcement over the loud speaker today, a girl in Jennifer's class - an ex-girlfriend of his, broke down and began sobbing.

Jennifer was just relieved that the passenger, Darius, who she did know well, survived...apparently because he was asleep.

"Maybe this will teach him NOT to party so much," Jennifer said.

I clucked sympathetically and then stressed again- if you're at a party or place and the ride home looks iffy (as in drunk or high) call us, day or night. No questions asked.

And it had me thinking again. Babies-you worry about crib death Toddlers-choking Elementary-bullies and getting snatched. Now she's a teen. Thankfully on a good path, not pregnant, doing well in school, good friends. I'm actually relieved she'll be able to drive next fall, relieving me of 10 years of pick-up-drop-off duty. And yet.

As Andrew (the kid who died) drilled home, foolish choices behind the wheel (I think he was street racing to impress a girl) can snatch all this away in an instant.

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