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Saturday, May 9, 2009

What do I really want for mother's day?

Actually to be left alone.

To be able to take my paint, my books and my french press, and go outside on the deck and not be asked "where is my black belt," or hear how messy the house is, (yes I know) or if I can play chauffeured to the daughter to the mall. Or do chores, or walk the dog.

But that's not what I said when my hubby asked me that. I said brunch and going to the races was gift enough.

At this point, my daughter launched in, and told him that HE should be able to figure out what I want.

When I told her later what I really wanted, she laughed. And kismet, the 106.9 announcer popped on and said the same thing.

"Probably a good idea you didn't tell dad that," she said after a moment. "Probably would have hurt his feelings."

Yeah, probably.

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Barbara Clements said...

Actually, I had a pretty good m's day, even though it didn't go as planned.

We didn't end up at Emerald Downs, because of the huge crowd. We decided the hour long wait wasn't worth it. So we went shopping (see post above).

At the end, J asked if I'd had a good one, even tho it didn't go as planned.

I said yes, as long as I'm with you guys. And when does anything go as planned?