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Monday, May 11, 2009

Mom you have a big butt

But in a good way, my daughter quickly added as she saw the look on my face.

Common, J. I invited you into the dressing room to get an opinion on this new Mother's Day suit, not for a critique of my bod, which I know could lose a few.

"Jennifer!" I sputtered out. "This will teach me to let you in the dressing room"

"Mom, mom, I'm saying it's good. Guys like perky butts."

So you think my butt is perky?

At this point, the sales lady who was getting stray clothes in the next room couldn't stand it anymore and started snorting with laughter.

"Yeah, I know," I called over the wall. "This from a girl who has the metabolism of a greyhound."

"She'll learn," the woman called back (prob. hoping I'd still buy the suit..which I did)

And it did not make my butt look big.

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