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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mom and the ponies

Here I was today, nuts, screaming in front of the TV as Mine that Bird a 50-1 no one ever heard of horse from NM (why I liked him) won the Kentucky Derby.

When my daughter figured out how much $$ we could have made on even a $10 bet (I'll save you the calculations, it's about $1,000) she cried, why didn't we bet on that horse, I shook my head. We never bet that kind of money on a horse, sadly, it's only $2 bets. However, we'll get a chance at the ponies next week, when the fam takes me to Emerald Downs for mom's day, my annual treat.

We usually pick the horses by color, by the silks and if there's a woman jockey. Not very scientific, but it works for us.

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