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Monday, May 18, 2009

Please mommy please

Actually, this plea came two times in the last 24 hours and I said no to both.

One was greeted with a glare, the other with a sigh.

The first came on Sunday when Jennifer, after returning home for a sleepover, decided she wanted to spend the day out at Lief, her sort of boyfriend's house.

"Wasn't this the guy whose mom works 24-7 and wanted to spend some time with her son," I asked.

"yeah, but he asked, and she said it was okay"

More like she was badgered and she finally gave in.

So I and J's dad said no. Actually Gary got to be the bad guy first, and when J got home from said sleepover, she simply stomped into the house and marched to her room.

The second time was this morning, when Jennifer wanted to play hookie and go back to bed. I was sorely tempted, but given it's a crowded Monday, no I couldn't.

She just signed and continued to slick on her mascara.

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