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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Back to the portal, round three

We got at the DOL offices in KEnt about a half hour before the doors opened, and good thing we did.

By the time we did, at 8:30 am, the line stretched down the block.

It was then that it struck me that I hadn't bought the birth certificate, ss ## and all the rest that the DOL required to make sure I didn't abduct her as a baby.

But fate smiled on us, and the lady who checked us in last time, recognized us this time. Unf. that joy was short-lived as Jennifer emerged from the second try, again missing a pass by one point. And again it was a headlights question. So much nashing of teeth and wailing started up at the DOL offices again.

I lied and told her I'd flunked it 2x too (not true, but what are parents for if you don't lie to your kid to make them feel better once and awhile)

I think it's finally sunk in that in fact, she's going to need to study for this test. Not text all night, watch the Olympics or take naps, but study.

Because the test isn't that hard, but they will grill you on minuetia that most people will never need to know again (like when should you flip off the high beams with approaching a car (it's 300 feet, and yes she got that wrong). But you will need to know it for this test. So back we go, at 8:30 am Saturday morning.

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