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Sunday, February 7, 2010


That was the final verdict after Jennifer and her friend Adam tried to get together this afternoon to watch the Superbowl at our house.

Apparently he'd done something to piss off his foster parents, and his foster dad didn't believe, for some reason that he was at last night's wrestling match at Kent Meridian High School.He was, because we were there watching him, and JEnnifer was there watching him from 3 pm on (we arrived around 6 pm)

"Did he do something after the match to piss off his parents," I asked, after we found out he wasn't coming to the Superbowl and I asked Jennifer to call her dad to tell him that he could shift down on the house cleaning frenzy a bit. (Yeah, I know he's a 16 year old kid, but still, don't want him seeing our house looking like a dump)

"No mom, his parents are just being jerks!" says outraged daughter.

At here, I just shut up. Agree with Jennifer I feel like I'm betraying the tribe of parents. Agree with the parents and I feel as if my daughter will disown me. And there's no use explaining that sometimes the tone in which a teenager explains themself can still get them grounded, even if they are telling the truth.

Now, The Who have just come on, so see ya later.

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